Monday, August 30, 2010

Daly Waters, NT

We have travelled and done so much in the last few days that I honestly don’t know where to start, it’s hard enough keeping track of what day it is when you’re in the outback – time seems to pass differently out here.

Rather than write a long winded entry about everything that’s been happening since we left Cairns I’ll just keep it short and sweet. Mind you it’s hard to keep it short and sweet when we’ve been experiencing so many wonderful things.
After leaving Cairns we drove to Kuranda and stopped at the Barron Falls – spectacular is an understatement!!! These falls leave you in awe of nature and even Tom was super impressed! I must say here a big thanks to my gorgeous friend Stevie for all of his awesome sightseeing tips – you’re the best!

From Barron Falls we drove on to Atherton, stopping at The Curtain Fig Tree – one of the coolest trees I’ve ever seen, once you look at the pictures you’ll see why it’s called the Curtain Fig.
Our next stop was Lake Eacham, it was so hot that I couldn’t wait to get into the water!!! We got there and it was just stunning, it’s a freshwater lake and the water is totally crystal clear – even when you stand in the water you could see all the sand and pebbles on the bottom. I loved it! I even managed to (after lots of persistent persuasion) get Tom to come into the water! It was awesome!

We drove on to Lake Tinaroo to meet up with Marion and Nifty Nev for the night (Marion rang me when we were at Barron Falls and told me that they were going to be in Atherton for the night with their caravan and so were we!) It worked out beautifully that we were able to catch up. It was also lovely to also see Tan, Tim & their son Jakob, hopefully it’s not another 7 years before we see each other! It was so nice to catch up with them all and have a few coldies at Lake Tinaroo!
From Lake Tinaroo it was off to the Undara Lave Tubes – what a drive that was – but totally worth it. When you drive in Australia it is unbelievable how the environment changes, one minute you’re driving through the rainforest and then the next minute it’s farmland or red earth and barron plains.

Undara was definitely the first “bush” camping grounds that we stayed in, on our adventure and both Tom and I loved it. Being surrounded by nothing but the outback is quite a cool feeling.
We went for a tour of the caves and our tour guide seemed happier talking about how much he loved German beer than telling us about the Volcanic history of the area, mind you I can understand him, German beer is REALLY good! Tom and I really enjoyed the tour though and found ourselves once again in the awe of nature.
That night when we cooked dinner at the camp kitchen I reckon we were fighting off at least 1 million flies – just one of the many perks of staying in the bush! Needless to say, we ate our dinner very quickly that night. I must add here that we played the Undara Pool title and unfortunately Tom won!

From Undara onto Cobbold Gorge. First stop Georgetown (Thanks to Kelly at the info centre – you rock!) to fill up and then off we went to tackle the 90k dirt road out to the Gorge. What a mission that was! Driving on a hilly dirt road with cattle and lots of bumps and lots and LOTS of dust, but we made it safely and were rewarded with an amazing tour of the gorge.
We saw our first freshwater crocodiles, one of which even had a snake in its mouth then we went on a great tour of some of the surrounding bush land, where we learnt about some of the aboriginal uses of the local plants and we also saw some aboriginal rock paintings. These particular paintings were of children’s handprints put up on some rock walls.
The boat tour of the gorge was AWESOME! Tom and I were both mesmerized by the beauty of this place it was like being in another world and something that I will never forget. If anyone reading this is thinking of travelling out this way some day, do not go pass the opportunity to see this place it is completely out of this world.
The next day we hit the road again and tackled the dirt road again, although we nearly hit a kangaroo and now our horn doesn’t work, we got through it. We then drove across the outback to Normanton. It was on this drive that I really started to get a feel for just how big Australia really is. With nothing in sight and with the occasional passing cars, you really start to get an idea of just how big this country is. Not only that, my respect for the aboriginals and the early pioneers has deepened greatly – I have no idea how they managed on horseback let alone on foot. I have also never seen so much, road kill before in my life – WOW! So many kangaroos and what’s even worse is that you often have to avoid the eagles, kytes and other birds that are feeding on them in the middle of the road.

Once in Normanton, we were attacked by a swarm of mango beetles and I mean attacked, the car was absolutely covered in them – thank god they don’t bite or sting – they’re just annoying. Once we got through the beetle swarm, we set up camp and went across the road to The Purple Pub for a well earned beer – Vicky you would have loved it! We met a couple of other travelers staying in the same park as us – Marie, Pete, Elaine and Dave all from Victoria. We ended up having a great night and sharing a few beers and lots of laughs. Thanks guys!

From Normanton it was off to Mount Isa – another seriously long mission across the outback! We arrived in Mt Isa late in the evening and I was so buggered I could barely put a sentence together. We stocked up with supplies for our trip to Darwin, had some of Tommy T’s burgers for dinner and went to bed.
With our batteries recharged we hit the road early in the morning, direction – The Three Ways which is practically in the middle of Australia! We crossed the border into the Northern Territory and drove and drove and drove! I have never seen the Australian outback first hand and this drive was full on! Sometimes you have kilometers in front and behind you, with not another car in sight and, you’re surrounded completely by desert plains – it’s crazy!
We finally made it to The Three Ways in the afternoon, set up camp, had a beautiful dinner and then went to the pub for a beer. I took out The Three Ways pool title – WOO HOO! It was freezing cold once the sun went down so we rugged up and went to bed.

Today we drove nearly 400ks today to Daly Waters – what a cool place this is – well what a cool pub they have here, there really isn’t anything else. Everyone that comes here leaves something behind to put up in the pub like, hats, shirts, bras, undies, photos, you name it it’s up on the walls in the Daly Pub and actually Tom and I are just about to head over for some dinner. I’m starving!
I hope that everyone’s well and loving life – more updates to come soon.

Love always Megs and Tom!

A couple of notes:

Chris and Paula congratulations on your super Bridge to Bay run effort!!! You guys are awesome!
Kylie – I hope you had the most wonderful birthday, I’m sooooo looking forward to celebrating with you ASAP!!
Dozza – I hope all’s well with the new job and that you’re loving it! We are totally overdue for an update!
David – I hope that you’re enjoying being a man of leisure and living it up. I’m sorry I haven’t gotten back to your email yet about commenting on the blog, the easiest way is if you have a google account.
Ange – my fellow rainforest trekker! I hope that alles klar in Melbourne – I’m so looking forward to our next chat! Xoxoxoxox
Sarah my gorgeous gal, all I have to say you’re super amazing and I hope that your little fairy Alice hasn’t got you run off your feet. You better be relaxing!
Heather you sexy thang, you better get the beers cold for when I arrive in Melbourne. I miss you darling and can’t wait to see you!

And last but most certainly not least, thank you Yvonne for all your wonderful comments – you’re the best and I’m thinking of you all the time!

Love always
Megs & Tom

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  1. Hi guys - so wonderful to be abe to follow your journey through your writing, the same track as we have done a couple of years ago. It is almost indescribable is it not? When we told friends about our journey through the outback, the long lonely roads, the desert..and...and..and...they had this look of "you must be exaggerating"...well you and we know that we are not....looking forward to your continuation---love to both of you...xxxxx